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3 min readDec 22, 2021

In 2019 crypto space was blasted by some project called #defi. That time it was quite new for us and since then a lot of time has passed. Crypto evolved along with Defi technology. Many new platforms many new services have been introduced to us. The most dramatic and amazing thing that happens was the emerge of Uniswap.

An underrated decentralized exchange became very popular suddenly. Many copycat and hybrid projects of Uniswap came forward. Many succeed and many failed in the way. Today I am going to talk about a new ecosystem that is similar to uniswap but offers much more than uniswap.

Introduction: 123swap is a decentralized platform that connects various Defi services like swap, nft, yield, bridge, gov. It’s mainly a dex that offers P2P swapping for crypto assets. With its simple and attractive UI, it provides various features and services. 123swap offers a range of Defi solutions in its ecosystem that supports multiple chains.

Vision: For those of you familiar with Defi must have heard these words swap, nft, yield, bridge, governance and must have known their use-case. From the beginning, we have seen all of these services have been provided by various companies that are dedicated to those services only. But its time consuming and irritating for an investor to search and find those platforms one by one. So 123swap brings all those services in one place and not only that they offer services for multiple blockchain networks.

Business Model: 123swap has a large business model that contains various elements like swapping, nft, yield, bridge, lend and borrow, and governance. Let me introduce them to you and how they work.

swapping: Users will have a fast p2p crypto-asset swapping system. Users can swap their crypto assets through multiple blockchains.

NFT: Minting NFT and swapping them between user to user with a simple click.

Yield: Holding crypto-asset with high yields will be available in 123swap.

Bridge: Users can transfer their tokens from one blockchain to another through a bridge system.

Lend, borrow, and governance: Users can lend or borrow crypto assets by using their stable coin as collateral. their 123swap token will give users the to participate in the voting for project development.

Token sale: 123swap is conducting a #tokensale for their platform supporter. Their 123 tokens will have various utilities in the platform. To participant in the token sale follow their social media for more updates. The total supply of 123 tokens will be 129.000.000 million and the initial offering price will be 0.12$. Check out 123swap’s whitepaper to learn more about the project itself.

My thought about the platform: 123swap platform is a fast swapping dex through leveraging smart contracts. They have a simple and user-friendly user interface, zero risk, no hidden fees, over 500+ #Crypto assets over many blockchains, cross-chain one window platform. 123swap will bring smart and autonomous finance management in one place. It is a good investment for passive income by staking / farming and long-term token price appreciation.

wrap up: #123swap has a wide list of partners and #seed and #private investors. Their roadmap is also promising. So I suggest you take a look at the project and make good of it. I will provide all the #123swapfinance related links in the description. The project is in its #earlystage so research before #invest.

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