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4 min readFeb 23, 2020

We have seen several blockchain comes with heaps of latest ideas within the past few years. Crypto world became abundant larger and everything unfold heaps. heaps of crypto exchanges came forward to keep up this system. The reason behind the success of so many projects is a various crypto exchange that provides people service to buy and sell their coin or token with each other.

The crypto market is very wide and an active market trader needs a lot of tools and other stuff to maintain a good profit from the market. It is very arduous for a exchange to bring all the tools in one single place. That is why Swapzilla came with a replacement plan wherever a trader can get everything they need in a single place.

About Swapzilla

Swapzilla may be a terribly distinctive platform that gives traders at least 50 major exchange in one place with one kyc.Users also will get tons of advanced mercantilism tools all free. Their platform is providing its users with a good vary of tools and services for a fast dealings with the tools for observance and analyzing their transactions very simply. With most of the major exchange and every token and coin from that exchange also with crypto news and tools this platform will become an area for each responsible traders.

Their service

They are providing some terribly distinctive services like mirror trading, Margin trading and Modules of arbitrage. This may make sure the passive financial gain for the traders. This distinctive infrastructure resolution can produce worth for users and within the market.
Swapzilla has all the potential to face the challenge of the crypto market.They are giving numerous order system that has their own advantage that facilitate the traders to maximize their profit with little or no efforts.Here is a few example of their tools and repair they’re providing:

All the assets during a single window.
very low commission.
Mirror trading: copying successful strategies.
Automatic arbitrage.
Margin trading.
own portfolio.
Crypto news channel.
Cascading orders.

why we need this platform.

In Swapzilla framework user will find a large number of cryptocurrency and financial projects in a decentralized way. At the same time Swapzillas favorable deal with the cooperation for B2B partners is very simple and effective. Swapzilla offering those exchange free listing into their trading platform. Swapzilla will help those exchange to obtain a large number of the audience because of swapzillas popularity in the market. These will bring a dynamic growth in those exchanges.

Also Swapzilla will bear the cost for KYC procedures, This will help to reduce the cost of those project.Check out their whitepaper to learn more about this project.

Why its the future.

There is over 2000 coin that is traded in a lot of crypto exchange. But all the major exchange combine they are providing only 500 currency pairs which are not a lot. That’s why sometimes traders need to move from one exchange to another with their fund to buy or sell their preferred coin or token. That cost and lot of fees, time and energy.

Swapzilla is building to solve this problem. People can use most of the exchange in their platform in a single click.

Token info

Blockchain: ERC-20
IEO Price: 1$. For now, the trader will get 5% discount. Here is the link: https://exchange.latoken.com/ieo/SWZL
Minimum Investment 1 USD.
Soft Cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 27,150,000 USD
IEO will end in 7 March 2020.

Some information about SWZL token

Swapzilla develops its own internal token for the platform which will be used for 50% discount for the platform users. It’s like a market bond which will give its holder a huge chance to receive additional income from the platform.


The idea behind this project is awesome and the investor should take a look at this project. This platform offers its users a wide range of support and services. You can check more about this project from their social media from the link below.

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