A simple overview of the hybrix project|| Multiple blockchains in a single platform

The rise of digital currency is now at its top level. Bitcoin was the first revolutionary technology that was introduced to this digital world. This faces many obstacles and still survive. This tech did not just stop into bitcoin but it goes further beyond our imagination. By blockchain technology which is used to store data by creating a simple block and reward its users for mining it.

The more world became digitalized it faces new problems and blockchain technology came with various fixes for the problem in different aspects. Right now there is more than 250 major exchange with over 3000 tokens/coin trading in the crypto world. It’s becoming harder to manage different blockchain ecosystem at the same time when the number of the newly created coins is increasing day by day.

That’s where Hybrix came with a solution to help the crypto community to use different Ledger technology in a single platform with just a tip of the user’s fingers in a very decentralized way. Users can use one token in the various blockchain which is pretty unique and quite enormous.

Why Hybrix is important?

Hybrix can bring a solution to the issue of interoperability by interlinking different blockchain in a single platform. Right now there are over 30 blockchain and more than 300 cryptocurrencies are supported by the hybrix platform. That’s why it helps users to switch between their desire blockchain very easily.

They are doing this by offering the “hy” token which will enable the ability to transfer value across the various blockchain. Its blockchain explorer can support various blockchain.

Hybrix wallet

Hybrix wallet is a multi-blockchain wallet and can be used from any place and any device. I personally used it and I can ensure that it’s very easy to use. Just follow the steps down below to create your own personal hybrix wallet and taking advantage of it.

At first, you need to click create a new wallet.

You will get your account ID and Password for login. You should save it in a secure place because the hybrix will not be responsible for any event that can lose your password.

After that click continues.

After logging in you can add any type of wallet as your desire with the add wallet button. Now your wallet is ready for use.


“hy” is an Ethereum blockchain-based token and as I know their supply is quite limited and that is only 21 million of “hy” token. BIKI exchange is offering the trade of “hy” token in their platform. Biki is one of the popular exchanges in the coin market cap.

This project is still in the development process so I think the more it developed more value will be added to the project.


Maybe you missed a lot of opportunities to join a lot of good projects that are shining in the crypto world right now. Let’s not miss the opportunity of another one. I will leave every necessary link for your future research and also the hybrix team is looking for people who are willing to spread the news of this project. So I think you can be a part of it if you want to.


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