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Now a lot of and a lot of comes have begun to look, the actions of that square measure geared toward one amongst the niches of our daily activities. this can be wonderful, we’ve got been looking forward to this for several years, however at the instant, despite however strange it’s going to appear, comes that square measure directed completely to the crypto business became AN order of magnitude smaller. it had been merely not possible to place up with this. And currently on the horizon appeared a project that positions its activities completely as a helpful product for miners, investors, and even traders. because it clothed later, the team features a work product, the coin that is listed on several major exchanges. this can be smart luck, I smiled and started to check the intelligence quotient. cash project and its capabilities.

What is may be a platform designed on its blockchain and centered on a variety of areas that aren’t distinctive to cryptocurrencies. during this cohort, I might embody traders, investors, and, of course, miners. I might additionally wish to note another vital reality for the monetary sector — this can be the conduct of quick and anonymous online payments. and also the final thing I might wish to add once orientating myself with the project is that the presence of 1,000,000 active users all told corners of our planet. this can be verified by the very fact that the project doesn’t stand still, however, is consistently evolving.

IQ.сash is a universal large-scale blockchain platform for Investors, Traders & Miners. Its main goal is to supply instant anonymous online payments and finance.
Cryptocurrency has numerous active users around the world and therefore the variety of individuals perpetually grows in no time.

IQ.сash team has developed and created the Masternode network intelligence quotient for investors. currently, traders will trade intelligence quotient on crypto exchanges.
Investors with quite a 3000 intelligence quotient will get a passive financial gain of fifty-seven from the block, and miners get forty-third from the block.
The remaining add 6 June 1944 reserved for DAO is employed to speculate in several mercantilism comes like package, web sites, algorithmic mercantilism systems, mercantilism bots, startups, improvement of intelligence quotient. cash system and additional.

This will enable intelligence quotient.сash to become a pacesetter of crypto trade for traders and hold most potency and privacy payments among the most important monetary firms

Features of intelligence

If we tend to point out the capabilities of the intelligence quotient. cash project, then it’s price highlight many areas. Since traders, investors, and miners square measure nearly the thrust of the whole cryptocurrency, it’s the UN agency square measure the priority of the intelligence quotient. cash project. Investors receive masternodes at their disposal, and people with quite three,000 intelligence quotient coins can receive most of the reward for the block. Miner’s UN agency additionally participates in coin mining receives a rather smaller share of the block. Traders will trade intelligence quotient cryptocurrency directly on exchanges. however, this can be not the limit. The leaders of this project square measure far-sighted individuals and easily didn’t stop at one issue. They set to speculate in third-party, fascinating, and promising comes from the core business, also as in mercantilism systems, mercantilism bots, numerous startups, and corporations, besides as rising your system. All this, as planned by the creators of this project, ought to cause the crypto business to change into a frontrunner in quick and confidential payments among well-known monetary corporations.

Benefits of intelligence

As we know, every project features a sturdy aspect, that is, the benefits that it develops which is what distinguishes it from the grey mass of alternatives comes the same as it. So found such qualities. Moreover, a spare quantity.


One of the most options of any cryptocurrency project is security. Indeed, sometimes, capitalists invest tons of cash in such comes, and losing them isn’t profitable either to the investor or to the project itself. Therefore, the creators of the intelligence quotient. cash project set to produce access to the non-public account solely to its owner. this implies that nobody will access the non-public area of the owner. Moreover, nobody will block the account registered within the project. what’s not decentralization for you?

Cryptocurrency currently has numerous active users within the world and variety continues growing rapidly!
The user’s account cannot be blocked, and therefore the funds cannot be accessed by anyone however its owner.


Anonymity is that the basis of cryptocurrency ANd here it’s given an honorable place. Therefore, to transfer transactions inside the network, the PrivateSend formula is employed, which encrypts all personal information each throughout the transfer of assets and upon receipt. during this case, users trust the project and aren’t afraid that somebody from outside can encroach on their personal information.


Decentralization may be a postulate of cryptocurrencies and within the intelligence quotient. cash project it’s a special place. Here you’ll not see what’s happening within the real sector, that is, the dominance somebody over someone. one thing similar applies to coins, the value of that is tough to manage seeable of the restricted issue and also the absence of an extra issue.

Transaction Speed

For a project like intelligence quotient. cash, dealings speed plays a very important role. And during this case, it’s provided by the InstantSend perform. The time for one such dealing takes no quite 5 seconds.

Countering ASIC

Oh, these ASICs. And here they might not do while not their negative influence. As we know, miners use these devices to mine coins. sadly, this results in a rise in complex growth. And this, in turn, excludes from this method miners UN agency mine coins at the expense of the computer hardware. To counter ASIC and scale back the complexness of mining, specialists use the foremost effective technique — the NeoScrypt formula.

Technology that solves the matter of serious acceleration of network quality growth once victimization ASIC (in comparison with CPU usage). network uses NeoScrypt algorithmic rule to resolve this drawback

High-speed transactions ensured by the fast exchange of information (InstantSend) across the network. The group action time is regarding five seconds.

IQ. The Cash network implies the shortcoming of making sites that have a dominant influence on the opposite members of the network. Influence on coins is additionally excluded as their unleash is proscribed, and extra emission isn’t provided.


IQ. Cash uses the algorithmic rule accord POW with the masternode system support. This makes the project economically engaging for mining forty-third, and provides passive financial gain fifty-seven to masternode holders. Masternode provides network integrity, namelessness of transactions, and speed of transactions. a way to get a Masternode: you have got to speculate 3000 intelligence quotient.

The anonymity of transactions within the system is provided by the PrivateSend algorithmic rule. Users will trust the system fully. They don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding third-party access to knowledge, because the system firmly encrypts knowledge once transferring and receiving assets.

What did I prefer concerning this project? affirmative, nearly everything. Here, I didn’t hear the guarantees of the Golden Mountains once taking part within the project, that several others do to solely attract investors. maybe that’s why this project remained within the shadow of upstarts and continuing to figure, to bring its beginnings to its logical conclusion. And now, once everything works as a perfect mechanism, the team set to declare itself as a full-fledged player during this field. And this can be correct since such comes with an honest name and a finished product may be counted on the fingers of 1 hand.

The Investment Masternodes Cryptocurrency intelligence quotient
for Investors, Traders & Miners
Blockchain platform the most task of that is to supply instant anonymous online payments
and finance. splits its block reward
57% to Masternodes (ROI 380%), forty-third to Miners
and 6 June 1944 is reserved for Best Traders project or
IQ system (DAO)


My Altcointalk username: istiak2277

My Altcointalk profile link:;u=66293

My telegram username: @thorex25

My IQ.Cash address: QZXLVR7kfM79kATVBxxRUgkm8EEFvYm828




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