An overview of an open-source decentralized platform Avalanche.

It aims to launch highly decentralized applications, financial primitives, and interoperable blockchains. Now you can make all blockchain platforms into one single interoperable ecosystem using Avalanche. Financial markets are being democratized with AVA Labs.
Users can now digitize any assets and build their custom blockchains with the use of arbitrarily complex rulesets. With AVA Labs you can build your virtual machine and dictate exactly how the blockchain should operate.

The use of $AVAX.

One other word developers can launch smart contracts that can be confirmed in a second that is far beyond that of any platform available today using the full use of the Avalanche engine.

How it performs

Scalable and Secure


What are the Benefits of Avalanche?

Smart Assets and Contracts

To monitor and react to changes in specific networks some powerful processes autonomously interact with various other assets entirely based on internal business logic.

Composable and Flexible VMs

To allow developers to launch blockchains easily with a wide variety of application-specific features the concept of Avalanche virtual machines is being introduced.


One can now provide a new public, permissionless DLTs (blockchains), or private permissions that do not disobey specific riders, rules, and covenants. Everything on Avalanche is a subnet. All other subnets are optional, depending on the validator. The Default Subnet contains three blockchains: Platform Chain (P), Exchange Chain (X), Contracts Chain ©.To create custom incentive mechanisms for these validators subnets are required.

Avalanche is built in a view to serve the financial market. For easily creating and trading digital smart assets with complex custom rulesets that define how the asset is handled and traded $AVAX has native support. Equities, debt, bonds, fractionalized real estate, or anything else can be represented as financial instruments. It is surely better than any other platform.

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