An overview of Famousblock NFT marketplace

3 min readMay 21, 2022


NFT became the ultimate way of selling digital artwork in the crypto space. Because NFT is unique and can not have another copy. NFT has been introduced a few years ago but it got investor’s attention in 2017. Till then its use case and popularity in the peak of mountains. We have seen how the NFT marketplace attracts record-breaking volume towards them. Even when the BTC market was crashing NFT shows positive growth. By seeing this some people say NFT will be greater than BTC in the future.

In this situation, many NFT markets gain their popularity, and many still trying to establish their foothold in the market. Let’s talk about one such project that will show us the NFT world from a different angle.


FAMOUSBLOCK is an NFT platform designed and created by FOB Foundation. They have an attractive and userfriendly UI that will allow users to deal with NFT among each other by using their metamask or opensea exchanges through ETH. Users will be able to mint NFT through the FOB token.


The team’s vision is simple and that is to create an environment for content creators to sell their entertainment materials such as images or video files to the users who are interested. A professional development team is working day and night to create a secure and user-friendly marketplace for the users. This is a registered company with an experienced management team who is willing to give their best for the creation and development of this platform.

Business model

The team proposes two streams of revenue that will increase the use-case of the FOB token and hold its price from dumping. The more its community will expand the demands for FOB tokens will increase significantly which will create huge demands in the marketplace.

1. Auction: FOB token will be used in bidding for the artwork in the FAMOUSBLOCK marketplace. All the NFTs will be bought and sold through the FOB token which will increase its demands in the NFT community.

2. Minting NFT: Users can mint NFT by using the FOB token which will burn the token from circulation and increase demands for the token. This will lead to FOB token price spike which will benefit consumers, investors, and the community.

Token name: Famousblock
Symbol: FOB
Network: (ERC-20)
Total supply : 1,500,000,000 FOB

FOB token is already listed in a popular crypto trading platform Digifinex. As the project develops and the community expands team will list FOB tokens in various top-tier exchanges. Right now the only way to buy a FOB token is from Digifinex.


This year is full of events and development for the FAMOUSBLOCK platform. We will see Famousblock wallet for Andriod and IOS users, NFT market expansion, More exchange listings, and many more. You can also check their website and keep track of their social media for more info about the project.

Wrap up: NFT marketplace is getting bigger and Famouseblock can be bigger than some most popular NFT marketplace out there. I do not say this is a confirmation from my side by anything that could happen in crypto. So better keep an eye on this project so that you won’t miss the chance to join early.

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