An overview of JACS Ecosystem

The Internet is one of the things we can’t differentiate from nowadays. Starting with the military’s private usage to be one of the pillars of our lives today. As time progresses, growing numbers of internet users are still introducing numerous technologies today. One of the key ideas of the Internet is IP as it functions as an identification of a device or an object on the internet network. The present technology IPv4 has sadly a maximum cap such that not everybody can get the IPv6 solution. Blockchain technology has gained ample publicity at the right time to be a solution and one of them is JACS.

Introduction to JACS

Another thing is that JACS aims to introduce an open ecosystem, in which it is distributed freely without anyone monopolizing it, like the existing centralized structures, in which multiple organizations control a global database of IP addresses that can naturally be monopolized by certain entities. The regulatory structure is also a matter because businesses are forced to comply with the laws of the countries in which they reside so that we do not have absolute control of our privacy and other matters. In addition to the above, Blockchain technologies can resolve this, as the mechanism is distributed and effective, with a centralized, entity-driven ecosystem also entail substantial maintenance or repetitive renewal expense and the redeployment of capital.


Company Behind the project

Wrap Up

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