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3 min readAug 2, 2020

Cryptocurrency became a major financial sector from past decades. We have seen a huge amount of digital currency and still, there are more coming. Because of these several exchanges rose up to provide a platform for cryptocurrency users to exchange their digital assets with each other. They became an intermediary for this purpose and many of them use unique tech to provide the best service to their community.

It is true there are many good platforms that are providing a good service but its not enough. There is over 5000 cryptocurrency and one single exchange can not provide service for all. A major exchange can provide max 300 currency pair so we need more good exchange to support this sector.

Another thing is cryptocurrency is not globally acceptable yet and many people are not aware of these because of its complex structure and use. So to simplify this and make it easily adaptable we need a platform that can provide service to users so that they can make money at the same time they get an easy interface so that they won’t be lost when using the platform. EXTON.IO can play a significant role here and today we are going to discuss it.


EXTON is a platform that creates a simple, beneficial, and userfriendly exchange platform for both newbie and pro traders. It has the potential to eliminates the difficulties that traders are facing using other crypto exchange platforms. EXTON.IO support a large range of cryptocurrency in their platform with very affordable fees. Its a product of thisoption ecosystem and founded in June 2020. By doing simple KYC users can use multiple payment systems to use the service of the platforms.

The service will be delivered

1. Speed is very important for traders. A trader can understand how much it important to execute a trade fast. Users will get a fast transaction process. EXTON.IO uses an advanced technology which will ensure the high speed and eliminate lagging when executing multiple trades.

2. EXTON.IO change low transaction fees for every transaction. It will eliminate all the intermediaries that charge higher fees so that the user can use a better service with a handful of listing and transaction fees. This will increase profit and make trade more rewarding.

3. A wide variety of cryptocurrency pairs will be provided to the users which will bring more liquidity to the platform. Now users get the liberty to pick any digital assets to trade.

4. Transparent and fully secure transactions can be made through the platform. It’s one of the key points to this platform.

Token information

TRONS is a TRC-20 blockchain-based token and will be used as a utility token in the platform. It can also be used as a payment system for other businesses. It will be fast because as we know TRC-20 is a fast blockchain among many other blockchains. This token will be a major payment method of the Thisoption ecosystem on the Tron network.


If you look closely into this platform you will not be disappointed and will surely understand its a platform for every type of user. Multiple security measures make this platform a safe platform to make deal with cryptocurrency. There are no questions about its userfriendly interface and fast data processing systems.

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