Felicium || Integrate real-world use through Smart Agreement

There is no doubt that blockchain is a revolutionary technology but when it combines with other technology it creates a totally new paradigm. Many people find its potential thats why we have seen many ambitious crypto projects. This technology has so much to offer and can be used in every sector of people’s daily life.

From the past, we have seen a lot of projects that came with unique ideas and that technology combine with another tech like Artificial Intelligence(AI). These days industry leaders and tech giants are implementing these two in order to preserve the privacy of their users and for greater automation in complex analytical processes. After all these efforts we have very few projects that actually have real-world use. Why did we fail to implement this tech which has so much influence over the internet now? Maybe Felicium has an answer for that. Let me introduce you to this new project felicium.


Felicium is an ERC-20 token which is issued by felicium company for real-world use purpose. At present status, we are facing many problems with blockchain technology like immaturity, lack of interoperability, difficult integration with legacy systems, stand-alone projects, lack of scalability, complexity, and lack of blockchain talent. On the other hand smart contract which is an agreement between two people has some limitations in real-world use. So the goal is to combine these two techs together in a way that it can be simple and easy to use at the same time in a large quantity.

By using Felicium it will be Smart Agreements instead of Smart Contract and it will be able to remove the technical barriers of Smart Contract Technology and at the same time can be created effortlessly. This will help to use Blockchain and Smart contract technology without any difficulties.

What is Smart Agreements

It’s a new form of the combination of Blockchain with Smart contract technology that will remove all the obstacles of using Smart contract and can be used in a large corporate scale as well as on a smaller personal scale. It will full fill the role and intermediary and execute every specified task based on given conditions by using stored data. It will be a medium to integrate blockchain technology into real-world use.


New ideas are always welcome in blockchain technology. We have seen a lot of people came with some unique ideas for removing various problems related to blockchain technology. This project is no exceptions. But I saw a good potential with this idea because it been a decade since we are using this technology but still we failed to implement it in real-world use. I Hope Felicium will overcome this problem.

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This article is not meant to give commercial or any other kind of advice. It is just an informative text at all.




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