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The world is getting smaller day by day because of the expansion of technology all over the world. People like to contact each other by the use of their smartphones. We also like to express our feelings and activity to our community and we would like to get feedback from our close ones. To fulfill this desire we have different types of social media platforms with different designs and approaches. All of these platforms became very popular when they first emerge but later on people lost their interest and became a scroller.

To solve this problem and keep people’s attention Foobee came with a different approach and create a unique platform that will have better interaction along with an e-commerce platform. Swipe to earn the business model of Foobee could be a game-changer in social media sectors.


Foobee is a swipe to earn social dating application that offers a unique business model for users. People will be connected to new people base on their personal interests and they will be rewarded for interacting with new people. FBE(Join ICO here) token will be rewarded and utilized in their e-commerce platforms. users can pay network subscription fees and buy and sell goods and services from the merchants through the platform.

Business model

Foobee is the first social media platform that offers an e-commerce platform. They offer their user to earn their native token for their social interaction. This token can be used to purchase goods on their e-commerce platform. This will maximize the utility of their native token and attract users to use their platform often.

-Foobee is fast and easy to use.
-Social engagement will help users to earn money so no one will be a scroller anymore.
-Users will have full control over their network and transaction.
-Users can control their connection based on their preference.

How to join

Foobee is a socially driven cryptocurrency ecosystem. It will bring every type of people in a single platform so it needs to be fast and easy to use at the same time secure.
-At first, users need to create Their own profile by giving their personal information on Foobee Website.
-Now user needs to create their Foobee wallet where their earned FBE token will be stored.
-Now users can swipe and earn crypto on the Foobee platform. Users can use their earned crypto to buy merchandise from e-commerce platforms.

Token info

As previously stated, Foobee’s basis is the Foobee coin, which is based on the Polygon Smart Chain and is ERC-20 compliant. Foobee tokens are distributed as utility tokens, which means that all exchange activities on Foobee will be associated with Foobee tokens, such as rewards, item purchases, and so on, making Foobee tokens the platform’s principal payment method. Foobee tokens can be moved to any wallet that supports the protocol because they are based on the Polygon Smart chain and are ERC-20 compliant. The Foobee team is optimistic that the Foobee coin will flourish, especially given the size of the social dating market till further notice. You can learn more in their whitepaper.

Wrap up

To meet new people, many young people nowadays use social dating applications. Many folks simply clean without receiving any financial benefits. Foobee is the world’s first swipe-to-earn social dating app, allowing users to earn tokens simply by using the app, regardless of whether they swipe or not. The Foobee arrangement is thought to be ready to encourage clients to join the platform, hence increasing social connections. As a result, users not only connect and communicate with new people, but they also have the opportunity to earn tokens and spend tokens on the Foobee online business platform to purchase various things.

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