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Crypto world has seen many crypto projects that came to solve various real-life problems. Many projects failed to achieve their success but still, there are a lot of projects that show good result and they are still dominating the market. Crypto is a very unpredictable place and a project in the crypto world needs some essential elements like support from the community, investors interest, clear roadmap, strong and active development team, etc to succeed. Today I am going to talk about one of these projects and I think this project has those essential elements with them and can be a good opportunity for early investors.

Hello everyone, the subject of this article is the project named HOMT.
to eliminate the accommodation difficulties of young people who will change the future HOMT is the project to be a blockchain and ERC20 based real estate platform.
To make student life much easy and their study life convenient Properties are rented out to students on the most affordable terms.
it aims to create a platform where properties will be available on rent for students all over the world.
Students are the hope of the future.
To improve students living more peaceful, comfortable and coefficient HOMT team is working.
Now you will be able to have your home and dormitory accommodation with just a click, before anyone else, by visiting the cities you visit door to door, ending the search for homes and dormitories.
Besides, you will not be in exorbitant prices and various accommodation burdens in that city.

by utilizing the power of cryptography, smart contracts, blockchain, and tokenization HOMT LTD aims to access real-estate property assets of the company and democratize the ownership.
To attract people like students, common man, or HNIs to invest in home token to acquire properties for HOMT LTD the company aims to make a reliable ecosystem.
It is back it also handles Living standards, transparency, and liquidity.
HOMT aims to solve the biggest problem in all the countries of the world is the accommodation problems of our student brothers because They go to places such as reading and also have a shortage of accommodation.
We come across the HOMT platform for the solution of all these problems.
The HOMT project aims to become a blockchain and ERC20-based real estate platform that aims to provide you with an easy and practical stay in every country and city where our student friends go and to find cheaper and lower commissions in your student life.

it wants to build an ecosystem where everyone from small to big investors can invest in HOMT token to gain students rental properties while also managing liquidity and transparency. audibility. They aim to provide this system through the tokens icons they produce.
When we take a look at the dormitory side, students can also face various down payment or promissory note situations.
That’s why it became our main mission to solve this problem

Asset Creation:
HOMT token is not like any other cryptocurrencies or tokens and where it only acts as either act as utility tokens or a payment method but it becomes instrumental in property acquisitions for and of the company.

Data Transparency:
on a transparent blockchain network which ensures transparency, and trusts all of the transaction processes are made within the HOMT ecosystem.

Trusted and Regulated:
regional and global financial authorities and HOMT LTD parent company is regulating HOMT ltd and its properties with a focus on international asset management to the acquisition, development, and distribution.

Inclusive of all:
where the entry for a person with low investment is almost impossible HOMT LTD allows lower investment minimums through tokenization of commodities.

Utility Services:
to ensure complete transparency at all levels third-party evaluators & auditors are monitoring all transactions from the underlying business activities.HOMT platform aims to bring by examining it in detail.

Liquidity and Accessibility:
HOMT token is exchangeable in a crypto trading exchange.HOMT token can also be used for peer to peer exchange of value. It gives a unique opportunity to exchange through HOM token, accesses quickly, and liquidates.

HOMT token is an Ethereum blockchain-based token and will be used in the HOMT platform. The team will distribute the token in some stages as follows. Early investors will get 0.50% of the token. The team will reserve 48% token for sales and only a 3% token will be used for project marketing purposes. Team managers and the founding team will get 10% HOMT token 5% will be used in legal use.

This project will already in the market and trading started in Probit exchange. It’s a clear sign that project is in continuous development and the team is working hard for the project development. These developments show that the team is not intended to grab only money from the investors and they are working for the investors so that they can get their fund back in the future with a good amount fo profit.

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