Hybrix|| A multi ledger system that breaks the limitation of blockchain

Today, there are increasingly more blockchain and digital currency extends available, and various undertakings and associations are setting up boundless prospects. The issue is that these blockchain and digital currency tasks and innovations are frequently contradictory because of the absence of interoperability. For the time being, those blockchain ventures that utilization independent records can’t yet set up associations with different blockchains and records in a safe and decentralized way.

Hybrix doubles as a metal protocol and a blockchain solution in the form of decentralized asset, that will be basically used for transacting value to different crypto-based systems with an allowance for the ledger to blockchain platform value transfer processes devoid of third parties and financial intermediaries. The metal-level transfer protocol eliminates the problems of isolated digital currency systems. Hybrix has a purpose-built extendable & modular design that makes it compatible with the value transfer process. Instead of creating another network infrastructure, the Hybrix protocol will function by relying on the underlying infrastructure in conjunction with its consensus mechanism.

After the crowdfunding objective was finished and all the code was distributed, Joachim de Corning was energetic for the Hybrix stage to be additionally evolved, and simultaneously benefit as much as possible from its highlights, so that the crypto business could be brought together.

For over three years, a group of energetic and youthful experts has been chipping away at the Hybrix venture. They have now built up an all-encompassing framework that can interface more than 30 blockchains and in excess of 350 channels. endorsement. The Hybrix group likewise constructed a multi-record blockchain program. The group ‘s fundamental assignment is to follow the decentralized, protection, and self-governing local blockchain rules (truth be told, the group author Joachim de Ko Ning has been chipping away at settling issues identified with the local blockchain rules since 2014). In 2019, Hybrix was formally propelled. At present, there are ten center individuals from the group, for the most part, moved in the Utrecht blockchain network in the focal Netherlands. Each colleague has their own proficient information, for example, encryption innovation, promotion, budgetary exchanges, Social enterprise, and so forth.

In the previous month, Hybrix has been downloaded in excess of multiple times and has been evaluated as the best data innovation item startup in 2019. What’s more, the master assessment group of innovation media TNW likewise accepts that Hybrix is one of the most encouraging beginning periods of new companies in the European blockchain industry.

HY It’s a unique token in all facets that can be transferred freely between blockchains, without any need for atomic swaps or decentralization exchange, just like any other legal tender, HY token is more secure than single-ledger tokens reason is that if by chance one of the chains or Hybrix node experiences any security risks, user can easily switch their assets to the next chain, this can happen if the chain system happens to be an open-source one and can connect to over thirty (30) blockchain and to over 350 tokens. Hybrix token (Hy) is a store of value but is much more secured than other single ledger tokens. Hybrix token is being stored in the Hybrix wallet.


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