JACS || Evolution of the internet

The technology of the internet has been first introduced to the world in 1960. It was named ARPANET and created by the U.S. Department of Defense. From that time this tech has evolved so much and now we have our current internet technology. Without this technology, we can not think about a digital way of life. It became an essential element like food and water in our life. We are dependent on this technology so much that many of our daily life work can not be done without it. So there is no way we can avoid this technology.

We have seen much evolution on the internet and this will evolve more in the future. So let me introduced you guys to a new evolution of internet service today. Today I will talk about a project called JCAS.


Why we need JACS?

Is that secure?

So that means JACS is secure than our traditional Internet services.

JACS is the new internet


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