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3 min readMay 17, 2022

In a relatively short time, blockchain technology has evolved so much that today it can construct a virtual reality from our imagination. This word is becoming short and fast for humans. So humans are testing every possible outcome to learn and develop.

VR technology is already introduced by scientists a few years ago but the world of the metaverse and NFT is something new. Though there is no actual metaverse world right now, many projects are working day by night to construct one.

Today I am going to talk about a project that uses metaverse technology for creative minds to provide an educational environment.


Kleks Academy is actually a film series that was based on a historical universal story and released in 1984. They were a legend and attracted a wide range of communities towards their creation. The topic of their film is very interesting. It is actually based on an imaginary world where everything is possible. It is more like a magical realm where you can do everything like magic.

What they are doing?

The core of their movie is similar to a metaverse world and that is why they are trying to establish one by using current blockchain technology where kids all over the world could explore and expands their minds of creativity.

Kleks Academy assembled a team to give life to their imagination. They are creating such an environment for crypto space that can be convenient for both traditional markets and blockchain-based assets like NFTs.

How to join?

They are using blockchain technology to make their platform. They have introduced Multi- D NFT system to gain access to their metaverse. Kleks Academy metaverse platform will be launched after the release of the kleks academy movie. This metaverse platform will have various challenges and games for its members who will take part to get rewards. Those games and challenges will be related to the kleks academy film storyline.

What are FRECKLE$ tokens?

In kleks academy, every member will have a creative potential measure which will be indicated by FRECKLE$ Meter. All of the muti-D NFT holders will have this and this unique NFT will be minted on the ethereum blockchain. The minting price for early birds will be revealed in Q2 2022.

Every multi-D NFT holder will get FRECKLE$ from the minting date of their NFTs. This token released will last for 5 years and they will get a certain amount of token every day.

What is multi-D NFT?

Multi-D NFT is the key to entering kleks academy metaverse. This Unique NFT has a hexahedron size box that will have 6 sides, each side will contain a mystery to be discovered. Also, each side of the cube could have some bonus release of FRECKLE$ tokens based on their rarity. The owner of the NFT could also have a chance to participate in the movie by speaking in a custom scene shot. Even they could have an actual role in the movie as an extra.

Besides that, they will have some more use cases in various events which will be revealed in their academic calendar.

Also, it will give access to behind-the-scenes footage of the film released by kleks academy along with some special documentaries with behind-the-scenes footage.


Kleks Academy is going to change the history of movies by integrating blockchain and metaverse systems into it. They already have some successful film and drama series directed by them and their partnership is also amazing.

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