Many Ledger Technology in a single platform|Hybrix

Crypto had faced many raise and downfall from the past few years. As long as it becomes more popular and peoples are more adapting it many new problems came ahead of us. For this many new projects come with different solutions for the various problems.

Today I am talking about a very special project that I am involved in and researched for a few days. I have found this project quite interesting and useful, that’s why I intend to share it with all of you guys. This project has been developed and produced by some young people from Utrecht, Netherlands. They are involved in the bitcoin core community too. With their group study and work, they made this unique project possible and bring forward to the crypto community. This project development shows their dedication and expertise clearly which is remarkable. By their team efforts, they made a project called “Hybrix” that can face the obstacle of the inequality of the world.

A small introduction about hybrix.

Also, this project gives you freedom of transaction for every type of digital asset available in the world. You can transfer and use your digital assets how you want and when you see fit and it can be many forms. Before bitcoin, our economy on the internet was fully centralized and manage and initiate by 3rd parties for value transfer. That creates an ecosystem where we were at the mercy of that 3rd party which was very risky. Also, that creates another problem by making our transaction limited. That’s why bitcoin gives people a very easy process to make their internet commerce reliable, secure and fast with a very low cost of money. What hybrix proposing here is to interlinking every ledger technology and spread your freedom of digital value transfer events.

Project Goals

Team member

Here you will find more details about the project team members.

About “hy” token

There is a lot of places and ways from where anyone can be benefited from so that I will provide the various links of the platform down below so that you can explore this project more.


My Bitcointalk profile link:;u=2466118

My telegram username: @thorex25

My Eth.HY address: 0xb51d9a0466765dc9c16dc231347aec141cefc6a3



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