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4 min readDec 24, 2019
IEO is Now Live in Latoken

What is Mozo?

Mozo is an Ethereum Blockchain-based token whose values are beyond utility as a rewards program. It can increase and control foot traffic in any venue like malls, stadiums and any populated area or market in any country. Also, Mozo is a leader in Indoor Positioning System(IPS) technology.

Aim of this project.

The aim of this project is to be a Number One blockchain token for the global retail market. This will be a great project for offline market places to increase foot traffic when nowadays people like to do shopping from home. Already 38000 stores committed to using Mozo from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Korea. The main aim is to bring foot traffic into the physical stores by issuing Mozo Token rewards.

progress of the mozo project.

Project development started in 2015 and its technologies already tested and proven. Mozo 3.0 launched in January 2019 and 38,000 retailers are committed to using MOZO. Team Mozo had released MozoX DApps on GooglePlay and App Store for shoppers and retailers. 📈Join MozoX IEO at LAToken.

The use of Mozo token.

Mozo token has its value as a utility token. The owner of the shopping mall or venue can attract people in their location and can control by the MOZO project. When customers came into that venue or malls and doing some certain task they will get mozo token as a reward. If they don’t do that task they will not get any reward. This token can be sold in the global market through designated Coin Exchanges as the demand for the token will increase when more retailers will come under the Mozo project.

The owner can decide when and where someone will get some MOZO token as a gift for doing certain tasks. This will help to create a productive MOZO ecosystem and increase the foot traffic in the owner's malls or venues.

How to use it?

The use of Mozo token is very simple. They have developed their own apps for the retailer app and user app. These apps can be found in google play and apple store both. When you purchased Mozo token then you token will be transferred to your digital wallet provided by Mozo or you can use other ERC 20 supported wallet as Mozo is an Ethereum blockchain-based token.

Benefits of Mozo.

Mall or venue owner can drive visitors into where he wants them to go by setting some reward for visiting those places. If you have a store in a certain place you can put more rewards for visiting those stores. this will attract people there to earn more Mozo token and that will increase foot traffic in that store. This gives the owner full control of his reward system and he can control foot traffic by this method. By state-of-the-art technology, Mozo is the future of digital commerce. In time more partners and consumers will come to this project which will increase the value of this project as a utility token.

Road map of the project.

They have a solid roadmap. Project development is running from 2015. Mozo 3.0 has already launched in Jan 2019 and Mozo 4.0 will be available in the first Q1 in 2020. The target is to add 90,000 stores within 2022.
Now they are running an IEO on Latoken.

📈Join MozoX IEO at LAToken.
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