Overview about Bounty Detective and their project

The Crypto world has become so large that it is very hard to find a new project without any proper marketing and management. There is plenty of company and group that provide this kind of service. But there are very few that are legit and can do actual work. Today I will talk about a crypto project management and marketing group that has many years of experience in this sector and already has done many successful campaigns. Today I will talk about the Bounty Detective team and their service and how they work.

A bounty campaign is a marketing campaign held by the project team or by a team they hired for their campaign. This can be done in any way and the team can hold many campaigns and offers various amounts of rewards for doing a certain task. This process is very easy and anyone can participante if he or she meets the requirements. All these can be done daily monthly or weekly. This differs in many ways.

Right now the internet is full of scammer and fake promotion. Many companies offer a good amount of rewards and after their workers finish their work they scammed them. this became very common nowadays. So it’s very important to join only legit bounty. To do that you can follow a popular bounty campaign manager team named bounty detective. They are managing a bounty campaign from March 2018. Its been 2 years they are working in this sector and they have already managed many successful campaigns like Gaimin, EarnBet, Juiice token, HEX token, Basic, IOI game, Hacken AI, ARCS, etc. This list is still growing. The cool thing is they never late about their payments to their hunters and has always been helpful in every way they can.

Also, bounty detective has a massive community of 130000 members in their telegram. If you check their other social media channel you will see they have many followers here. A project needs to have a big amount of community support and that bounty detective can give their clients.

They also offer escrowed service for bounty, airdrop, and other contest promotion. They are very sincere about their project management and they have the ability to make good engagements in the crypto space. Also, their past project management’s history can be seen to determine their engagement power to the community.

Also, I am going to give you some info that how you can find a legit bounty project.
1. Good project development roadmap.
2. strong team members.
3. Active in their social media.
4. Unique whitepaper.

Crypto is a very unpredictable place. In here sometimes good projects went into shadows and the low project got viral. There are many projects from the bounty detective team that end up being scams and they have also managed many profitable and successful campaigns. The number of successful projects is much higher and you will find scam projects in other bounty managers too. This is how crypto space work. But overall I want to say Bounty detective is a fully honest and legit team that has enough experience and trust in their working sector.

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