Overview of Lattice Exchange

A DeFi trend is running on the crypto space and we have seen massive growth in the DeFi world. It seems peoples like to have control over their fund entirely without any 3rd party involved. DeFi hype brings a lot of good projects that offer various services and solutions but at the same time, it increases ETH network gas fees because most of the DeFi project is based on the ETH network. That is a clear indication that Peoples are participating in the DeFi world even with higher transaction fees. That shows community adoption to DeFi( Decentralized Finance).

Behind all these positive engagements there are negative sides too. The higher gas fee and slow network transaction speed limit the potential growth of DeFi by preventing new participants to join these sectors. Though it’s still expanding in spite of this limitation and that shows the community is ready to adopt DeFi whatever it takes.

The Problem DeFi world is facing because of its existing blockchain network Ethereums limited scalability, higher transaction cost, and slow network confirmation. But still, the new DeFi project wants to incorporate with ETH network that limiting the DeFi market and preventing it from a massive adoption. So we need to find a better alternative to the Ethereum network so that DeFi space may find a strong base for which will remove all the obstacles and trigger mass adoption. Some projects already working on this and many projects trying to find solutions in other blockchains like EOS, TRON, etc.

For the same purpose, a Dev team is up to the task and created a project with a new blockchain that can remove all those limitations. The name of the project is the LATTICE EXCHANGE. Lattice will be the evolution of existing DeFi space which will provide the best scalability, lower gas fees, and fast network.

Efficient trade execution: Lattice Exchange is using an AMM based liquidity pool. To ensure smooth growth in the DeFi space, the Lattice team has chosen to do this, while enhancing pluggable institutional asset AMMs. This will lead to the development of the Lattice network with better and efficient trade execution.

Governance: Lattice has its own token called LTX which is based on Constellation’s network. By holding this token holders can participate in the voting process to changes platform parameters, features, and fewer transaction fees along with protection against inflation.

Cross-chain integration: The network also permits purchases and processes through the cross-chain transaction. The Hypergraph scheme makes this possible. The interface facilitates fast platform-based sharing. The step has also been consolidated by supplying Lattice with its liquidity pool with a $DAG hypergraph token.

Fees: Users can earn through farming in the network. Lattice AMM based liquidity pool will enable lenders to accrue transaction fees on their deposits.

HGTP is the only HGTP protocol allowing for the development or start-up of the application environment on the Hypergraph network through which HGTP can safely catch, link, and transfers data for data enforcement applications to develop and also ensure instantaneous ERC-20 TOKEN swap operation of legacy rates farmers using the cross-chain features of the LATTICE method.

For the platform solution LATTICE EXCHANGE. The constellation infrastructure resolves and thereby offers a robust alternative for the current DeFi sector to expand its market size and its capacity.

LTX is the symbol of the LTX interchange and the first phase of the LTX platform will be the ERC 20 and the governance essence of the LTX token will be completely understood until a migration to the Constellation is completed. The overall supply is 100 M of minted LTX token and a fixed token supply is available in the protocol.

A dev team from the constellation network is working behind this project. The aim is to give LTX token holders to give the right to govern the platform through a voting process. The team is working on a platform that can be a solid ground for future DeFi project. You can find more information about the Team behind the project on their website.

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