The secured Avalanche programs currently running

Avalanche is an open-source decentralized platform that works independently without requiring any validation from an external third party means there is no centralized data storage mechanism.
It has a unified ecosystem program that researches, educates, and creates to improve the decentralized system operates.

How to get started with Avalanche

Participants can apply for different grants for the improvement and stability of the Avalanche client.
It helps the building of DeFi applications like stablecoins, derivative contracts, lending apps, as well as the development of the tooling.
It can also help developers to easily create reliable, powerful, and secure applications and custom blockchain with public or private subnets.
You can build anything you can imagine because it gives you complete control over application layers and the network.
To participate first, you have to register for the Denali Incentivized Testnet and join the AVA labs discord.

Getting Started

Running Avalanche public programs:
Option 1: Submit a General Proposal

It is necessary to apply for a generic developer grant to get started.
Participants can make any kind of proposal of their choice.
They are also free to browse the open RFPs.

Step 1: Participants first need to submit their applications about what they want to do.
Step 2 (Optional): They also may need to speak with the Avalanche selection committee.
Step 3: Get funded.

Option 2: Browse Open Requests
The secured Avalanche programs currently running are:

Bug Bounty

Users can find security vulnerabilities or holes.
With the bug bounty program, users can earn up to USD 50,000 of AVAX tokens in compensation.

AVAX // Ethereum Bridge

Using Ethereum a bridge can b build which makes users eligible for up to USD 100,000 in AVAX tokens.

Option 3: Join active Hackathon

AVA University Hackathon #1 — May 2020

AVA is launching a program called hackathon which will run all through May 2020.
University students will be their major targets.
It will help to find bugs, building tools, make the client faster, making new financial contracts, or do almost anything the user can think of.

Public Network Launch and Avalanche Testnet

Avalanche successfully launched its first of two planned public testnet for blockchain with rewards totaling two million tokens($AVAX) and became the next generation blockchain.
The first testnet the Denali testnet launched in April.
It is the last phase of the public testnet
Those who help prepare the entire network for a healthy decentralized platform will be rewarded.
After mainnet launch token rewards will be locked up for 1 year.

With the first testnet release, participants can now connect to a global network of different validators.
It will also them to participate wholly I’m high-velocity transactions.
This testnet will reach the speed of thousands of transactions per second and reach its final payment in two seconds.


By enabling decentralized finance (DeFi) applications to be more expressive and to scale with global demand Avalancheaims to redefine open finance.
Anyone can create both private or public smart-contract-enabled blockchains that interoperate.
Avalanche is now powered by cutting-edge Avalanche consensus protocol.
For existing Ethereum-based DeFi applications Avalanche is designed to be backward-compatible with out-of-the-box support.

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