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I have already talked about the Thisoption Trading platform in my previous article. So today I want to talk about some of its cool features. But let me give a quick introduction to the Thisoption platform for our new users.

Quick Introduction

Thisoption is a Binary options trading platform. It is a Product of the Thisoption ecosystem. This platform has a massive community of 700,000 users worldwide and the number is raising quite fast. This company is providing its financial service since 2016 and made a lot of changes and improvements by that time.

Today I am talking about ThisOption copying Trading Tool and its advantages.

Financial market like stock, forex, CFD, Option is some heavily traded are where millions of dollars traded in every second. Most of the investors came here with a big expectation and end being losing all their money. There is an extremely risky place for new investors and traders.

In spite of these traders willing to risk their money into this place because of its high probability of huge return of investment. This is the reason behind the massive amounts of liquidity in the market even 90% of traders are failing.

How how do we overcome our inexperienced mind and earn some steady profit? It’s not possible to earn experience or knowledge in a short time. The answer is simple just copy what experienced and successful traders do. By using these methods we can overcome our lack of experience and skills. So thats why Thisoption is providing great tools for these types of people known as Copy Trading.

About Copy Trading

Its a very simple but effective method of trading for any newcomer or anyone who thinks his knowledge and experience is not enough for making successful trades. By this method Trades done on the experienced traders, the account will be copied and mirrored to the copy account and execute in the same way as its master account trade. The results will be the same for both accounts.

Any action or change made in the master accounts will also be reflected in the copy account. The copied account can disconnect from the master account any times they want to and can choose to do similar action or not as they want. In this way, the system will be automated at the same time traders have the right to stay on the trade or leave as they wanted.

Copy Trading in ThisOption

ThisOption platform provides the most advanced copy trading tools. By using these tools traders do not need to learn the skill and require the knowledge but at the same time give them the option to learn from the experts if they want to do so.

When That expert’s traders need to do much necessary activity to maintain successful trade like managing trades, eliminating their emotions, track the markets, doing money management, etc in that time those traders who are copying that experts trade can do other activity. That saves their time and they can learn new skills when earning money in ThisOption.

I want to give a quick example of how this works.

The Master account has a total of 10000 USD and traders into 15000. The copied account copy of his trade under a master account with the same amount of assets will also make the same amount of profits as its master account did. And for every successful trade made by an account under its master account will get a small percent of share from the profit. The more people copy that traders the more that master account will get their profits.

When it is very hard to stay active in front of the chart and doing other work then this type of tool can be a great solution. Traders can easily do their other activity when still earning the same amount an expert did. ThisOption made this possible by implements these tools so that new traders don’t afraid to enter the market because of their lack of skill and knowledge.

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Author: @thorex25


This article is not meant to give commercial or any other kind of advice. It is just an informative text at all.




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