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Crypto Industry is growing and expanding so fast that its total market value is increasing significantly. New people are joining every day and they are trading with different tokens from the market. There are thousands of coins out the crypto market that can be traded through various exchanges.

The reason behind this hype about crypto trading comes from the great return from trading on crypto. Some projects made over 60000% profit within one year. So people are earning enormous money from the crypto market. But most of them lose their gains after some time because of poor money management skills and trading experience. Only a few professionals are able to book their profits by diversifying their portfolio timely.

To solve these problems Tycoon came with the idea of copy trading with a pro so that everybody can trade with professionals and maintain their portfolio with them.


Tycoon is a platform where it brings pro traders and amateurs close to each other. It’s a great platform for traders because traders are connected to the platform through their exchange API. That means users don’t need to deposit their funds to the tycoon website. Their activity will be monitored through API.

Business model

Profits shares: Users will be able to choose who they want to follow and the tycoon system will copy that traders every move to that exchange and place orders in that user’s accounts in that particular exchange. If traders make profits through that trade a percent of the profit will be given to those traders whose traders were copied.

Control over funds: Tycoon works through exchange API key so the user doesn’t need to deposit their funds to tycoon. That means they will have full control over their funds, not tycoons.

Leaderboard: On the tycoon website, users will see a leaderboard of registered traders and their trading performance from the past. Users can choose one or multiple top traders from the leaderboard to copy their trading activity.

Confidentiality: Users can operate their accounts anonymously. So there won’t be any problem with the leak of identity.

How to use

1. the First user needs to create an account on the tycoon website by using a valid email address.

2. Connect your Exchange account through API.

3. Stake TYC token to get access to all the features from the platform.

4. follow traders from the leaderboard. You are ready to use the platform.

Future plan: Right now tycoon is available in the beta mood. Users can connect their binance accounts only to use platform features and services. The team has a plan to add more exchange in the future and they are working for a big partnership. Their token can be staked to get rewards and they are working to get more utilities for their token.

Wrap up:

Tycoon simplifies crypto trading when many people don’t understand the complexity of the trading order of crypto exchange. Tycoon is for those traders who want to earn money from crypto at the same time don’t have the skill to execute a successful trade. With the flexible portfolio management system in tycoon trading became easy and secure for all.

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Altcoin Profile link: https://www.altcoinstalks.com/index.php?action=profile;u=66293

POA: https://www.altcoinstalks.com/index.php?topic=245956.msg1277593#msg1277593




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