UniDApp||It can supplement the advantages of uniswap?

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DeFi hype pushes the market of DEX so much that a DEX like uniswap surpasses coinbase pro in daily trading volume. DEX is getting more popular day by day not only because of its security but also the simplicity and features of creating its own market very easily at a minimum cost. Also, people don’t trust centralized exchange that much because of recent hacking activity and loss of user funds. The way Decentralized exchange gaining upper hand in the market over centralized exchange it looks like this year is going to be a year of DEX.

Can we call it a new era of crypto exchnage started? Maybe it’s a start but we are not somewhere near those places. After uniswap success, we have seen a lot of new DEX came into first place like justswap, spaceswap, etc. But all those new DEX can solve the problem that we are facing with a top DEX like uniswap? I don’t think so. So we need to find out what are those problems and what are the solutions. Let’s talk about it.

Some problem with uniswap

Uniswap support trading for any Erc-20 blockchain-based token. It is a Decentralized exchange and support manual trade. Users can sell their ERC20 token in the exchange or they can add a liquidity pool.

Uniswap Interface

Doesn’t support auto trading: Uniswap has a very simple interface and uses where anyone can use it. They have only a swap option which is manual and token can be swap only based on the current market price manually. It can be a real problem for you if you can’t be active 24/7 and you think the price of the token will go up.

No staking features: Uniswap has a liquidity pool for users where people can send their token to provide liquidity and earn some extra rewards. But they don’t support any staking features. Staking is becoming very popular and profitable than the liquidity pool.

price alert: Uniswap doesn’t support any price alert service where the user will be notified when the price of an asset reaches where users wish to know about it. It’s a very useful tool to plan trading strategy and monitor the markets based on market price change.

Lack of real-time price charts: Uniswap provides a very simple chart that can only be used to monitor a simple price change of the markets. But it’s not an ideal chart for pro traders where they can do Advance technical analysis.

Speed: Sometimes uniswap probably works a little bit slower than usual because of the high traffic to the platform. The overall speed of uniswap is average and even slower often.

If we can eliminate or overcome all these difficulties uniswap can be the best crypto platform in the crypto sphere. It already gains massive traffic and popularity but this problem or slowness can affect its reputation.

What is UniDApp?

UniDApp is a fully decentralized exchange platform that is built on uniswap but better than uniswap in many ways. It offers more features and tools with the fastest trading experience possible. It’s more like an extension of uniswap than an exchnage platform because users will get the same assets and markets with the same liquidity that uniswap has but with better and advanced features and tools.

UniDApp interface

It will provide such tools like bot trading, order aggregation, analytics, market alert, liquidity chart which is very rare in the DEX platform. All these years users of centralized exchange uses this type of tool and benefited from it. Let’s see how those tools will enhance the effectiveness of uniswap.

Can UniDApp solve all those problems that uniswap facing?

Bot trading: Uniswap supports manual trading and traders need to monitor the market 24/7 to best or sell at the best price. Also, one order can be placed at a time. But UniDApp will provide features that will be able to place unlimited pending orders and the users can plan and place their buy and sell orders even the market gone near that price.

price alert: Another cool thing about UniDApp is that it has features that will give price alert based on the user’s given value. If users want to get alerted when the price of a certain coin increased or decreased he can set an alarm that will give him a notification when the price will hit that area. That will help traders to make their trading strategy and plan without watching the market 24/7.

Advanced trading charts: Advanced trading charts with advanced tools and features is essential for pro traders. Pro traders know how important it is to do technical analysis before entering or exiting a trade. In UniDApp users will get Advanced trading charts with real-time prices.

Staking: UniDApp will provide a staking option for those who want to stake their token to get a reward for their utility toke UDP. That is only available in UniDApp. Uniswap doesn’t have such a service and that makes UniDApp special.

Overall Speed: UniDApp will provide better speed than Uniswap and that will make trade more efficient and profitable. All the transactions and processing speed will be much faster.

Token info:

UniDApp issued its own native token called UDP and it will be used in various ways in the platform. Users can stake UDP token in the UniDApp platform. Also, users must have UDP process transactions to their platform. For transaction fees, 0.25% will be charged in UDP token. Fees collected from the transaction will go to the USDP token holders and the total amount is 90% of collected UDP. The remaining 10% will be used in platform future developments and maintenance.

Token name: UNIDAPP
Ticker: UDP
Type: ERC-20
Total Supply: 30,000,000 UDP
Token for sale: 9,000,000 UDP


The total supply of UDP token is only 30 million. Only 9 million tokens and that is 30% of the total supply is soled in OTC pre-sale. There were 3 rounds of the token sale. In the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round team manage to raise $200,000 from investors. 35% token which means 10.5 million UDP will be put into the Uniswap liquidity pool. 15% will be reserved for the team in 20% will be used for Exchange listing, Marketing, and development expenses.

Wrap up:

Uniswap is a very unique type of DEX in the market. It’s is a platform for small traders especially. Its unique architecture makes it flexible and easy to use. UniDApp can be called as an extension for Uniswap which is created to supplement the advantages that uniswap already has. When most of the DEX is flourishing in the market UniDApp will soon join the trend and become an integral part of every trader’s life.


UniDApp Roadmap

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